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“At the forefront of the
sustainability revolution”


About US

We are Tinge of Green - your trusted partner in achieving sustainable growth. Inspired by the vision of Shashi Velath,
we are dedicated to embedding sustainability into business strategies and fostering behaviours that lead to increased returns on investment and a more sustainable future.

Our Vision is to catalyze transformative change towards sustainable business practices, shaping a resilient and inclusive global economy.

Our Mission is to empower businesses and governments in achieving their sustainability objectives, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Our Goals

System Change Advocacy

Drive the transition from linear to circular economies, fostering resilience and sustainable growth.


Advocate for robust policies and regulations that enhance sustainability and spur innovation


Disseminate information on the benefits of sustainable practices, influencing perceptions and behaviours for long-term change

& Training

Offer high-impact education and training to upskill professionals in the field of sustainability

Trees From Above
Solar Panels in Mountains

Our Objectives


Harness the power of sustainability to drive innovation and unlock new business opportunities for our clients.

Improve Returns on Capital

Aid businesses in improving their natural resource management leading to improved returns on capital.

Driving Sustainability Campaigns

Lead powerful, transformative sustainability campaigns that align with our clients' business models and goals, sparking change from within.

Leverage Technology and Tools

Utilize cutting-edge technology and tools to track, measure, and enhance our clients' sustainability performance, providing them with clear insights and actionable steps.

Promote Resource

Guide businesses in implementing resource-efficient processes, leading to improved environmental performance and cost savings.

Leadership in

Equip businesses with the tools and mindset necessary to become leaders in sustainability, enhancing their competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Our Approach 

Redefining Sustainability Strategy through Systems Change

By focusing on the systems at play within your organization, we are able to identify opportunities for positive change. We then work with you to build sustainability strategies that facilitate shifts in behavior and mindset at every level, fostering a corporate culture that values both economic and environmental success.

Unlocking Business Opportunities through Sustainable Behavior

At Tinge of Green, we help clients recognize the potential of sustainability as a driver of innovation and growth. By fostering a sustainability-oriented mindset, we enable businesses to tap into new opportunities and create products and services that meet evolving societal needs while delivering excellent returns.

Enhancing Resource Efficiency through Behavior Change

The journey towards sustainability begins with changes in resource management behavior. We guide businesses in redefining their operations, reducing waste, maximizing by-product use, and creating resource-efficient processes that not only benefit the environment but also result in substantial cost savings.

Driving Innovation through Collaborative Systems

By focusing on system changes that cut across departmental silos, we facilitate collaboration and shared commitment to sustainability. This integrated approach fosters innovative solutions, enhancing the organization's adaptability and competitiveness in a rapidly changing global context.

Leadership in Sustainability through Systems Transformation

Steering an organization towards sustainability leadership involves systemic changes and shifts in behavior. At Tinge of Green, we provide the guidance and tools for this transformation, enabling businesses to transition from risk reduction tactics to profitable sustainability-centric strategies.


Meet the Team


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Founder & CEO

Shashi Velath is a dynamic and influential leader empowering businesses to achieve sustainable success. With a proven track record in driving transformative change, Shashi has created Tinge of Green, where sustainability & business excellence converge seamlessly. His deep understanding of the intersection between sustainability and business dynamics allows him to identify untapped opportunities for growth & innovation to empower businesses and unlock new avenues of value creation.


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Co-Founder & COO

Bhawna Singh is a passionate and visionary leader who strives to make a positive difference in the world through her work in the development sector. With over five years of experience in various social and environmental projects, she has gained valuable insights and skills that enable her to create impactful solutions for the most pressing challenges of our time. As Co-founder & COO of Tinge of Green, Bhawna Singh has established a culture where environmental stewardship and social responsibility are integrated into every aspect of the business. 

Fahad Moti



With a rich cross-industry experience in incubating, founding, advising, scaling and validating ventures across multiple verticals over 20+ years, Fahad has a knack for making venture success more predictable. He leads India’s first venture studio, T9L, to empower ventures with the right tools and overcome common failures.


Our Advisors




STEP Foundation



Chief Executive Officer, Bridge Institute




neo ESG studio




neo ESG studio


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Founder and CEO, 

Basix  Education

Our Partners

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Green Farm
What Sets us Apart
At Tinge of Green, we don't just advocate for sustainability - we craft unique solutions that integrate sustainability into the heart of your business strategy.
We believe in creating positive and lasting change through a strategic blend of advocacy, policy influence, education, and consultation. We leverage our deep understanding of both the sustainability landscape and business dynamics to drive
meaningful transformations.
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